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Whelan Financial - Portia White, CFP®
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It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to you for the first time as the CEO of Whelan Financial. Vin announced my promotion earlier this year and it is a privilege to lead my fabulous team into the next era.

Over the course of my  seventeen years with the firm, I have witnessed its success, I have learned from our mistakes, and I have developed a vision for the future. We have a very bright, and exciting time ahead, indeed! 

What we do here at WF is important! At the heart of it, what we do goes far beyond building financial projections and developing investment portfolios, rather, we bring our clients the kind of happiness you can only experience when you have peace of mind about your money and your future. When your financial footing is firmly planted you can focus on the more qualitative aspects of your life like relationships, personal development, life experiences, or a career perhaps.

At the beginning of this firm’s history, Vin Whelan embedded in our company’s core values, the underlying objective, that “every client would receive our very best care and attention”. This concept, at the heart of our company culture, has cultivated my love for, and my loyalty to the firm. I have taken it to heart and sworn it to myself, internally as an oath. It is precisely why we look to hire only the most caring, honest, intelligent, and committed people to work with us, people who will also swear that silent oath.

I will foster my team’s careers, personal growth and quality of life so that they can bring their best to the work they do every day. And together we will bring our best to our clients’ financial lives, and then extend our efforts even further into the well-being of our community and then on.

We look forward to introducing new services, new technology, new people and even new investment opportunities such as portfolios of socially responsible investments. Investments that share our core values of personal responsibility and care for the greater good.

We envision an ever-progressing business, of service, education, development, growth and we will do it without losing sight of what is most important…. making sure that you, our client, knows that we are first and foremost here for you.

Again, I am delighted to be at the head of this incredible firm and to be able to lead my dedicated team. I would also like to express my gratitude for each of our clients. Without you, none of this is possible. Thank you!

Most sincerely,

Portia L. White, CFP®

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