Company Retirement Plans

Investing in your valued team.

Your team is incredibly valuable to your business. As fiduciaries, Whelan Financial assists companies in caring for their employees through responsible management of 401(k)s, pensions, and profit-sharing plans. We encourage participants to better their financial future through investment education, always emphasizing the value of the benefit offered and the impact of saving now.

The Trustee Experience

First and foremost, as a 3(38) fiduciary, Whelan Financial helps mitigate financial risks associated with being a trustee. Our highly experienced team meets with trustees quarterly to provide context and proactive investment advice. Each plan is assigned, at minimum, one dedicated advisor and one client services team member.

Company Retirement Plan Investments

Whelan Financial customizes portfolios to meet your company’s unique needs. We offer custom managed portfolios for participant selection, in addition to a carefully selected panel of investments. Our Investment Committee continually reviews and monitors these recommendations.


Education empowers your employees to make intelligent, informed decisions. We provide annual participant education, conduct semi-annual new enrollment meetings, and work closely with the plan’s Third Party Administrator and/or Recordkeeper. We highlight the value of the retirement benefit offered by your company, in addition to teaching fundamentals of investing, the value of compound interest over time, and the impact of saving now.

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