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At Whelan Financial you’ve probably heard us say that we work with our clients’ other professionals. We do, as the need arises, collaborate with our client’s CPAs, estate planning attorneys, and the like, to execute immediate financial planning strategies on a year-over-year basis.

Your Financial Needs

As CFP professionals, it is our job to balance your short-term financial needs with your long-term financial goals. For instance, making sure your current spending habits are sustainable in retirement or foregoing tax deductions this year in favor of reduced taxes in the future.

In order to advise you in this way, we construct complex financial plans that bring all of the component parts of your finances together in an analysis that extends not just from the current year, but through your life expectancy. Not only will it reveal how much you can expect to have remaining for loved ones or charities, it also informs us of issues that may occur down the road. For instance, years in which your income tax may spike, or when your heirs may be at risk for paying estate tax.

The Service 360 Difference

We realized that this data is not just important to the advice we give, but also provides pivotal financial context for our collaboration with our clients’ other professionals. By sharing the unique perspective we gain from long-term financial planning with our client’s CPA and attorneys, we are able to help our clients make sure their entire team is on the same page regarding their financial well-being. And collectively we are then able to make adjustments to their strategy.

This is precisely why we have decided to implement Service 360. This service brings together, in one room, the client and their professional team—namely their financial planner, CPA, and estate planning attorney, to view their long-term financial trajectory. It’s our hope that this will lead to even more informed short-term advice in light of the long-term financial projection. Make Whelan Financial your financial resource and contact us to speak to our advisory team.

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