We have all heard the expression, “there is more to life than money.” No one would dare disagree, but we also can’t deny that money is at the heart of much stress. It is also no secret that money stress can be devastating to a marriage.

The happiest couples I meet are those who are on the same page about their finances. But more interesting is that, not only are these couples the most content, I find they have the HEALTHIEST levels of financial security!

You must be thinking, “of course” if they have a healthy level of financial security then it is easy to be happy. But the behavior of these couples is in stark contrast to the unhappy couples whose financial health is borderline. These couples all do the following:

  • They come to every quarterly meeting as a couple;
  • They share the same desire for financial freedom and security;
  • They are both willing to do what it takes to make that happen;
  • They are equally interested in the details of the financial picture;
  • They genuinely care about what the other thinks;
  • They are usually rather frugal and;
  • They are transparent and communicative.

They come to their meetings with light hearts and seem strongly connected, the meetings are full of laughter rather than being wrought with bickering and sarcasm. It is quite clear, that their teamwork, their respect for one another and their great communication are largely the reason that they have achieved financial security. This combined with their fairly frugal spending, is why they can sincerely say “there is more to life than money.”

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