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We understand that the current market conditions can cause some people stress. This is expected, and we want you to know that we are always paying close attention to the market and your portfolio. Although volatile markets can be unpleasant, they are expected to happen periodically.

Even if the stock market continues to decline, we are confident that it will recover. While one may be inclined to think “this time is different,” we urge you to remember that every downturn, correction, and bear market has always been triggered by different events. That is to say, they are all different and our economy has always recovered.

How to Invest in Volatile Markets
& Use Them to Your Advantage

We view times like these as an opportunity to take advantage of strategies that work best in volatile markets. Some of the strategies we recommend include:

  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Roth conversions
  • Investing available cash
  • Rebalancing financial assets, from bonds to stocks

In conjunction with our Investment Committee and Trading Team, your personal financial advisor will also review these possibilities on your behalf.

As always, we are here for you anytime. For more information or to contact an advisor, contact us or call (559) 228-8002.

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