Kasandra A. Silva

Chief Administrative Officer 
B.A. Communications, Westmont College, 2011, (Cum Laude)

Brilliant and delightful are the first words that come to mind when describing Kasandra.  She possesses a rare combination of qualities which are coveted by a growing company like ours.  Her greatest value comes from her ability to think critically and abstractly about all aspects of the firm and the projects at hand; an increasingly difficult skill to find. It is clear why we were compelled to promote her, in just a few short years, to our Chief Administrative Officer.

Kasandra also has the ability to manage her team firmly yet always from the positive. She demonstrates composure under pressure and is capable of delegating. These qualities combined with her wisdom, integrity and optimistic nature have made her one of the most enjoyable people with whom we have had an opportunity to work.

We look forward to watching Kasandra and her very bright future.